The main goal is creating groups for dungeons and raids independent of servers and guilds. This site isn't official product of Blizzard. I've created by fan.
App concept and programming by João Ricardo Bittencourt - 2012
Features in version 0.03

  • Create a new account
  • Login in website
  • Add character in account using WoW API
  • Setup schedulling (free time)
  • Setup interests in raids and dungeons
  • Delete chars
  • Delete free time
  • Auto update stats for each player save in server

  • Features for version 0.04
  • Create schedule for each player
  • Send email for confirm play
  • Send auto email notify start plays

  • Known bugs in version 0.02
  • Update of dungeons auto logoff
  • Update of chars auto logoff
  • In remote version all dungeons saved like I wanted